Where do I find bats in Round Rock, Texas

Bats in Round Rock, Texas are a fast-growing attraction for the city of Round Rock. People are batty for Round Rock’s Mexico free-tailed bats. Each spring and summer night, they take to the night air in flight, traveling 60-plus miles per hour at 2-mile high flight patterns. They begin their 15 to 30 minute feeding frenzy devouring millions Round Rock insects in a single night, putting on a nightly spectacular show of dynamic aerial flight at the McNeil Overpass and I35 Bridge intersection in Round Rock, Texas.

Round Rock Venues & Attractions

People travel from all around the world to visit Austin, Texas. Little is known about the sprawling city of Round Rock, Texas and the various annual venues and attractions, including Round Rock’s favorite McNeil Overpass and I35 Bridge bats.  In addition to the bats in Round Rock, there are quite a few attractions to visit, including:

Want to know and learn more about the great city of Round Rock, the second fastest growing Texas city?  Take a quick visit over to the Round Rock Convention & Visitors Bureau website for a more intimate look into what Round Rock, Texas has to offer you and yours.

About The Bats in Round Rock

From March through November of each year, while most are familiar with the South Congress Bridge Bats, there is a smaller bat colony about 15 miles north of Austin fascinating locals and tourists in Round Rock, Texas. Just as their South Congress Bridge counterparts, they take to the air at dusk for their nightly feeding and aerial show.  Eating roughly 20-30 thousand pounds of insects on each night flight, nearly a half million bats in Round Rock, Texas call the McNeil Overpass and I35 Bridge Bats home during this time period. Bats congregate in large numbers and can be found in various caves of the Texas Hill Country, the sides of buildings, and the infamous South Congress Bridge. The largest colony of this type of bat can be found at Bracken Cave, which is just south of Round Rock. 

Round Rock Bats Info

Address Location: 601 North Interstate 35 Frontage Road, Round Rock, TX 78664 Admission: FREE Parking: First Come, First Serve Non-Paid Things to bring: Cameras, Video Cameras, Blanks, Picnic Basket, Hats, Bug Spray

Bats In Round Rock Information

Come join us near dusk (between 7:15 pm and 7:30 pm) underneath the Interstate 35 overpass at McNeil Road in Round Rock (located in front of Napa Auto Store), for a batty night of fun with the Round Rock Bats. Available free parking is located in the Napa Auto Store parking lot, and is first come, first serve. Don’t forget to bring blankets, covers, and a hat or some other head covering. And remember, never attempt to handle or capture bats at any time.